Arkansas Red

Small well dressed man wearing a fedora.


Arkansas Red is a brunette man, who tends to tuck his hair into his fedora. He keeps his face clean shaven, as he boyish face does not allow him to grow a beard. He is short, 5’ 6" tall and 140 pounds, but he has wiry muscles that can surprise a man when he punches them. He is very quick and prone to act without a lot of thought.


Job Smith grew up the son of a Baptist Minister In Shreveport, Louisiana. He ran away from home as soon as he could afford passage on several riverboats hoping to go back east. He never got further east than Mississippi where he got caught cheating in a high stakes poker game. Fortunately a St. Louis bound riverboat provided him an escape. Ironically the cruise north is the only view of Arkansas that Job ever made.

Once in Missouri he quickly found a poker game and lived in high tobaccy for a month. Looking for an angle he discovered Hoyle’s Book of Games. He took to magic like a fish swims in the sea. And with new power came greed, which naturally occurred at the poker table. In short order Job Smith became too good and men being men decided no one has his kind of luck. He fled a hanging mob as he made his way west. Job managed to beat the mob but another young fellow caught up to him.

This young fellow introduced himself as Arkansas Red and Job wondered if he was a cousin, as they resembled each other greatly. The meeting, however, was not a friendly one. A bounty had been placed on Job’s head Arkansas Red aimed to claim the money. Job proved to be too quick for the hombre’ and Arkansas Red fell dead before he could draw his pistol. Job became concerned other’s would come to claim the reward. So he assumed the identity of Arkansas Red and made a claim on his own bounty as soon as he arrived in Jefferson, Missouri. He has been Arkansas Red ever since and moved on to Kansas looking for richer tables and opportunities.

Arkansas Red

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