Quintin Sebastian York

Aspires to lead the group to victory over the forces of evil in all its forms and inspire them to rise to the occasion, where ever it may be.


Once he has returned to the land of the living, hell is a not a place he can ever go back to. But given his deal with Mr. Styx, he must walk a fine line between angelic and demonic. Abiding by Mr. Styx’s rules but keeping god on his side, save the many, forgive everyone’s sins but keep from committing any sins himself. Forgiveness is his number one goal, teach, preach and practice it as often as possible, and just maybe when he dies again there may be that silver lining that lets him upstairs, but either way he will do what he can while he is on this earth to save as many people he can from damnation.


York looked out over his congregation and tried to forgive them, they were scared and he knew that they were not acting rationally. As he fell, the rope pulled tight around his neck and in that second, what had transpired in the past twenty four hours raced through his head.

Pastor York left the City of Angels with a small band a purest, who thought Reverend Grimmes was beyond redemption. His teachings had become corrupt and bitter and this small flock left by York just wanted to live a simple life. He took them back east to the only familiar place he knew an old mining town in New Mexico. It had become a ghost town overnight due the discovery of ghost rock, or so every else in his congregation had thought but York knew better, but that story is for another time. This one is about my congregation and their ultimate sacrifice.
It was Sunday not unlike any other Sunday, the entire town had gathered into our little cozy stone built church in the center of town. Reverend York was giving a rousing sermon on staying the path and not giving into temptation for the sins of man can corrupt anyone.
“You cannot give a man a fish every day and assume that he will come to expect that fish for the rest of his life, that becomes his greed. But if you teach that same man how to fish, he can save himself every day the shackles of mortal sin.”
When all of a sudden the back of the church doors flew open and 5 men heavily armed stormed in, York recognized the lead men immediately, “he has found us”, he thought.
“You all know why I am here, no one leaves the loving embrace of the City of Angels except to stand before the god almighty himself.” His men move around the outside of the pews, and the man talking continues to walk right up the middle towards front of the church. “So you have two days to pack up your things and head back with us, otherwise my men and I will be forced to send you to stand before the god almighty earlier then you may have expected.” As he finishes his announcement, he comes face to face with York and the palpate. They exchange glances, “please everyone remain calm, please go to your homes and pack up your things, I will talk to these gentlemen about our trip”, says York. The congregation, leave the church is family groups heading back to their homes.
“Gomez, you know these people cannot get ready in two days and travel all the way back to the City of Angels, you know what Grimmes will do to all of us,” York said.
“That’s not my call preacher, I am just here to watch over these people for the next two days, ensure you don’t try to escape again, and make final preparations for you to travel back to the City of Angels or to be judged by the almighty himself.” So I see you have one choice, “get these people ready to move up north so they can take the train back to City of Angels, or die in two days, it makes no difference to me.”
“You know you’re a cold hearted bastard, I know you will never let us get back their alive”, York said.
“I have been required to get you back alive, but as for your flock, they come willing and I am sure Grimmes will welcome them with open arms, but any false moves and they die where they live, out here in these god forsaken town.” Gomez continues, “you have two days, and just to make sure you see it our way, I have dozen men patrolling the outskirts of this town, and I think the rest of us will bed down here for the next few days.”
York heads for the back of the church, he knew he would not win this battle, but he had to find a way to keep everyone safe or at least give them the ability the defend themselves. There has to be some way.
That night was a full moon, and Reverend York went from house to house reassuring everyone that it would be alright. When he turned the corner of the Miller’s house and noticed a single light in an unused house. York was curious and walked up to the front door and knocked, the door was quickly answered by a gruff individual, very dirty and smelling as if he had just rose from the ground itself. There sitting at the table with a single candle to illuminate him, was a well-dressed southern gentleman, as York entered quickly greeted him with his thick southern accent.
York made a deal that night, a deal that sold his soul for his flock but never knew it would also condemn them forever.

York found himself holed up in the back of the church, it was the only place he found that fortified enough against the town people and what they had become. As the sun rose, he set out to gather his congregation to explain what had transpired that night. York explained that although they were all safe, that this terrible affliction would haunt them, but that he would not rest till he fixed this.

York through his tear filled eyes, looked across his congregation, and forgave them, even though they have not forgiven him. He realized he should have preached a little more about forgiveness. As the life drained from this body, and his vision blurred, he saw a black carriage ride out of town and thought death itself was taking him away.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Quintin Sebastian York

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