The Quick and the Damned

It seemed like a good offer at the time.

After all, what were you using your soul for anyway? In the rough and tumble world of the West in 1880 commodities are hard to come by. When you have something worth trading it’s pretty much considered to be on the market. If a good enough offer is made everything can be bartered for and oh, what an offer it was. Your greatest need in a moment of desperation. Your heart’s desire and something you could never accomplish on your own. The price was a simple one, your soul. What person in their right mind wouldn’t take that deal?

Besides, Mr. Styx seemed to be a straight dealer. He was a well-dressed southern gentleman with a bone handle cane and a slight limp to the right. He smiled and smooth talked and checked his beautiful gold pocket watch frequently. He needed an answer now because he had other “clients” to meet and travel times in the West can be long and arduous. Mr. Styx abhors tardiness. You mulled over the offer. You had a lot of years ahead of you right? It would be a while before you’d have to make good on the deal and what value is a soul in the long run?

The deal was signed with a handshake.

Mr. Styx smiled. Perfectly straight yellow teeth framed by dry full lips. He checked his pocket watch one more time before saying goodbye. You were left with a feeling of satisfaction. You had made the right decision and soon you would have your heart’s desire. You had many years ahead of you before you’d have to pay the piper. Who knew if Hell was even real anyway? This was the West where vampires and werewolves were common. A place where the undead and the living drink side by side. Where a ghost rock is the most valuable resource and you never know if a bullet to a cowboys head will kill him or just make him mad. Apparently Hell didn’t do a good job of keeping its doors locked.

It didn’t take long for you to get what you asked for, if you could call it that. Mr. Styx kept his end of the bargain but it was twisted and corrupted. It wasn’t what you had in mind at all. You should have chosen your words more carefully. You should have asked what the end result would be. You should have never made that deal. To make it worse within days of making your deal fate dealt you another bad hand. Your untimely demise wasn’t by the numbers but you had your deal and now it was time to pay. Hell was worse than you imagined and it felt like an eternity but when you returned to the real world only a few days had passed.

Now you work for Mr. Styx who is always accompanied by his trusty silent servant Dusty. He sends you on assignments that usually pit you head to head with the worst and weirdest the west has to offer. The strange thing is he seems to only send you against things as evil as himself. Cross him and you return to Hell. Fail him and you return to Hell. However, you’re determined to find a way out of this deal. In a world where magic is as plentiful as water there has to be a way out of it. You’ll find that way and when you do Mr. Styx will have a reckoning for all the pain he has caused.

The Quick and the Damned

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