Mister Styx

Very little is known about the enigmatic Mr. Styx. The smooth talking southern gentleman has often been referred to as the Master of the Deal. Be it for a service, some unique device or even your very soul Mr. Styx always has some form of pact to enter into with you. However, be warned. He always keeps his end of the bargain but the end result is rarely what you expect. Mr. Styx delights in twisting his deals and delivering a variation of your desires that you never imagined.

Styx is almost always dressed in a fine black suit with a top hat or derby. He carries a bone handle cane and walks with a slight limp to right. Standing just less than 6 feet tall he is almost always smiling despite having frightfully yellow teeth. His demeanor is always calm and in control. It’s impossible to get a rise out of him or get him to lash out. He will only engage you if he knows he has the upper hand and it is shown in the confidence he carries in every interaction.

Some claim Styx is a sorcerer of immense power who fuels his arcane abilities with people’s souls. Others say he is a servant of the Reckoners themselves. There are even those that believe he’s the Devil himself. Whatever the case it is clear Mr. Styx is one player in a larger game. Like human Chess pieces he moves people in and out of the game employing many agents throughout the West and beyond. During conversations he will check his beautiful gold pocket watch often and refer to other clients he has to see. If you are fooled into a deal with Mr. Styx you aren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last. In fact when he is done with you he’ll almost certainly be en route to another deal in his fabulous black stage coach driven by his trusty silent valet, Dusty.

Styx is ever confident and never shows worry. Lately though he seems to be pressing. It is almost like he can see a light at the end of the tunnel. His most recent assembled posse is the most skilled and potent he has ever put together. There’s a lot happening in the west and Styx is right in the middle of it. His focus seems to be competing with other dark creatures and individuals. Nobody knows his endgame but whatever it is nearly everyone aware of happenings believe he has initiated it. For all his brazen confidence and manipulative ploys there is one name that elicits both fear and passion from Mr. Styx… Esmeralda.

Mister Styx

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